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Nebraska Medicare
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Your Medicare, Your Way: Customized Medicare Plans in Nebraska

Looking for Medicare plans in Nebraska?

Medicare, initially designed to provide essential healthcare coverage and financial security for older Americans, is a federal insurance program catering to individuals aged 65 and above, as well as those with qualifying disabilities. Often referred to as original or traditional Medicare, it comprises Part A (hospital and nursing facility stays, home care, and hospice) and Part B (doctor services, diagnostics, outpatient care, preventive services, and some medical equipment and transportation). 


Medicare expanded with the later introduction of Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (prescription drug coverage). These expansions have further enriched the Medicare program, enhancing healthcare access for a broader population.

Quality Time

Medicare Supplement: Original Medicare covers healthcare expenses, but not everything, often resulting in significant costs, particularly as we age and require more medical care. These gaps can be problematic without extra coverage. That's where Nebraska Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called Medigap) steps in to fill these voids. Not to be mistaken with Medicare Advantage (Part C), these policies improve coverage by handling expenses not included in Medicare Parts A and B. Whether it's co-payments, coinsurance, or deductibles, these costs can accumulate, especially with frequent doctor visits due to chronic conditions or emergencies. Medicare Supplement plans in Nebraska provide a valuable solution to bridge these financial gaps.


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Navigating Nebraska Medicare: Your Tailored Plan Awaits

At Health & Life Insurance Pros, we're here to simplify your Medicare journey. Unlike tied-down agents, we're your unbiased insurance ally, offering a wide array of Medicare plans in Nebraska, from Medigap policies to Part C plans, Part D drug coverage, and even Dental, Vision, and Hearing plans.


Our approach is simple yet powerful: we enlighten you about Nebraska Medicare, patiently navigate local health plans, cater to your distinct needs, and take care of all the necessary paperwork. Plus, we won't leave you hanging. With yearly Medicare plan reviews, we'll make sure your plan always fits you like a glove. 

  • Will Medicaid's "unwinding" of continuous coverage affect me?
    The "unwinding" of Medicaid's continuous coverage has raised concerns among millions of people, including those who are still eligible for Medicaid, as it may result in the loss of coverage or gaps in coverage. This poses several challenges for enrollees, such as confusion around renewal procedures, difficulty transitioning to other coverage, and dealing with the loss of coverage, which may lead to a gap and require them to reapply for Medicaid. Those who haven't updated their contact information may not receive notice of renewal, and renewal forms may be confusing, with unclear action steps. Additionally, not all states permit online or phone renewals. Enrollees who are no longer eligible for Medicaid may not be aware of their options to obtain coverage through the Affordable Care Act marketplace or how to enroll. Contact us today at (402) 204-8248 to discuss your Medicaid renewal strategy!
  • How do I apply for Medicaid in Nebraska?
    To enroll for Medicaid in Nebraska, you can submit an application online or by phone at any time of the year. If you're under 65 and don't have Medicare, you can enroll online at or connect with one of our agents at (402) 204-8248. Enrollment is also available through ACCESSNebraska and their Do I Qualify screening tool can help determine your eligibility for other public programs. If you're 65 or older or have Medicare, you can apply online or by calling (855) 632-7633.
  • What exactly does NE Medicaid cover?
    Nebraska Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage for medically necessary services, including ambulance travel, chiropractic services, dental care, durable medical equipment and supplies, family planning, early and periodic screening, hearing aids, home health services, hospice, hospital services, intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities, institutes for mental disease, lab tests and X-rays, mental health and substance abuse services, non-emergency medical transportation, nursing facility services, physician services (with some exclusions), personal assistance for disabled persons, podiatry, prescription drugs and some over-the-counter medicines, screening services, therapy, and vision services. However, there may be limitations on these services, and coverage is subject to change each year.
  • What's Nebraska Medicaid eligibility and income criteria for 2023?
    The eligibility criteria for Nebraska Medicaid in 2023 is primarily determined by household income and family size, and certain resources are not counted towards income. This includes a home, one vehicle, business-related property, and certain burial funds. The first $4,000 in resources ($6,000 for couples and additional $25 per family member) are also excluded. Children under 18 are not subject to income analysis. To qualify, you must have an annual household income (before taxes) that falls below these amounts:
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***Medicare Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is the solicitation of insurance. Contact may be made by an insurance agent/producer. Health & Life Insurance Pros LLC and this site are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. government or the federal Medicare program. We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 3 organizations which offer 15+ products in your area. Please contact, 1 800 MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options. 

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