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Nebraska Vital Coverage: Understanding The 10 Essential Health Benefits (EHBs)

Updated: 5 days ago

Three women in a professional environment going over Nebraska ACA essential health insurance benefits
Discover the importance of Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) in ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Healthcare is a vital and necessary aspect of our lives, and access to Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced a set of 10 essential health benefits that health insurance plans in Nebraska are required to cover.

These benefits ensure that individuals have access to necessary healthcare services without facing significant financial burdens. In this post, we'll explore these 10 essential health benefits and their importance in promoting a healthier society.

1. Ambulatory Patient Services

Ambulatory patient services refer to medical care provided on an outpatient basis, permitting patients to receive treatment without being admitted to a hospital. This benefit covers physician visits, preventive services, diagnostic tests, and outpatient surgeries, ensuring individuals can access necessary medical attention without disruption to their daily lives.

2. Emergency Services

Accidents and unforeseen medical emergencies can occur at any time. EHBs mandate that health insurance plans in Nebraska cover emergency services without the need for prior authorization. This benefit guarantees that individuals receive immediate medical attention when faced with a life-threatening situation.

3. Hospitalization

Hospital stays in Nebraska can be costly, but with EHBs, health insurance plans are mandated to cover the cost of inpatient care, including surgeries, medications, and other necessary treatments. This benefit ensures that individuals can seek hospitalization when needed without worrying about overwhelming financial burdens.

4. Maternity and Newborn Care

Pregnancy and childbirth are significant milestones in a person's life. EHBs include coverage for prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postnatal care for both the mother and newborn. This benefit promotes healthy pregnancies and ensures proper medical attention for the well-being of both mother and child.

5. Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services

Mental health is as fundamental as physical health. EHBs mandate that health insurance plans cover mental health services, including counseling, therapy, and treatment for substance use disorders. This benefit reduces the stigma surrounding mental health and ensures that individuals have access to necessary mental healthcare services.

6. Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications are essential for managing various health conditions. EHBs require Nebraska health insurance plans to cover a range of prescription drugs, ensuring that individuals can afford the necessary medications to maintain their health and well-being.

7. Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services

Rehabilitative services help individuals recover after an injury, illness, or surgery, while habilitative services help individuals acquire skills and abilities to improve their quality of life. EHBs mandate that health insurance plans cover both rehabilitative and habilitative services, such as physical therapy and occupational therapy, promoting recovery and enhancing functional abilities.

8. Laboratory Services

Accurate diagnosis is the foundation of effective healthcare. EHBs require insurance plans to cover laboratory services, including blood tests, imaging studies, and diagnostic screenings. This benefit ensures that individuals have access to necessary diagnostic tests, enabling early detection and appropriate treatment of medical conditions.

9. Preventive and Wellness Services

Prevention is key to maintaining good health. EHBs include coverage for preventive services, such as vaccinations, screenings, and counseling, without cost-sharing requirements. This benefit encourages individuals to engage in regular check-ups and preventive measures, promoting early detection and better health outcomes.

10. Pediatric Services

Children's healthcare requirements differ from those of adults. EHBs mandate that health insurance plans cover pediatric services, including well-child visits, immunizations, and vision and dental care for children. This benefit ensures that children receive comprehensive healthcare from an early age, promoting healthy growth and development.


Access to essential health benefits in Nebraska is crucial for individuals to maintain their health and well-being without facing financial hardships. The 10 essential health benefits outlined by the ACA cover a wide range of healthcare services, from preventive care to mental health and maternity services.

Understanding these benefits empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare and promotes a healthier society overall. By ensuring access to these essential health benefits, we can work towards a future where quality healthcare is accessible to all.

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